Q: How do I treat my golf ball stamp best?
A: Keep the stamp tightly sealed, the ink is very volatile, it dries up quickly.

Q: When is the stamp imprint dry?
A: Immediately! And even smearproof.

Q: In which colors can be stamped?
A In black, blue or red

Q: How often can I stamp with one bottle of stamping ink?
A: Very often, the stamp is extremely economical in ink usage. If the impression is getting weaker, simply refill with 1 drop of ink (AG12), or (max.) 3 drops of ink (AG25).

Q: How often can I stamp with a newly refilled stamping plate?
A: Depending on the size of the image up to 100 times or more.

Q: How well stays the imprint on the ball?
A: The durability of the color can be compared with that of a water-resistant marker.

Q: How do I stamp properly?
A: Not too timid, stamp with firm pressure on the ball.

Q: I want a new stamping plate for my stamp, what to do?
A: Just go to and order a replacement stamp plate. The stamp plate can be replaced very easily.